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Power Transmission Equipment
Applied Power Products


• Ball - Morse/Sealmaster/Browning,Peer, RBI
• Roller - Morse/Sealmaster/Browning/McGill
• Cam Followers - McGill, Carter, PCI, Osborn


• Morse/Browning, Union/U.S.T., Moline, C.E.C., Drives, Allied Lock


• Martin, Linn Gear, Stock Drive Products


• Lincoln, Leeson, U.S. Motor

Clutches, Brakes, & Tensioning Devices

• Electromagnetic - Electroid
• Mechanical - Morse
• Air - Carlson, Mach III


 Morse/Browning, Martin, Maurey, Stafford, Kop-flex, Collars & Couplings

Speed Reducers

• Morse/Browning, Grant, Dorris, Flender, Mitrpak
• Perfection - Electric, Hampton, Lesson/Ohio Gear

Screw Conveyor

• Martin, Goodman, WAM


• Martin, Morse/Browing, Linn Gear, Van Zeeland


• Continental ContiTech, Maurey, Jason, Carlisle (Dayco), Browning

Sheaves & Pulleys

• Maurey, Martin, Morse/Browning, Neuman

Positive Drive Belts

      • Continental ContiTech, Maurey, Fenner, Morse/Belting, Jason
      • Stock Drive Products, Continental ContiTech SilentSync®, Carlisle (Dayco)

 Variable Drives - Mechanical/Electrical

• Browning, Hi Lo, Maurey

Set Collars

• Stafford, Collars & Couplings